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Why Respiratory Partners:

Your resident is our number one priority. Respiratory Partners provides convenient, one stop shopping for all your respiratory care and support needs. Our vast array of programs, products, services and pricing offers a little something for every facility large or small. Our in-house Bio Medical Department handles repairs and service for facility-owned respiratory equipment. Our personnel – from the office and delivery staff to our equipment technicians and respiratory therapist are beyond compare in the training, expertise, and customer care.

Serving the Greater Midwest and beyond for nearly two decades

The average nursing home will have up to 35% of their owned oxygen concentrators in storage because they don’t have the time or the expertise to maintain and repair the equipment. The fact that respiratory equipment is a prescription item makes it even more imperative that your owned equipment is functioning properly and at the required specifications. We can help you keep your equipment in working order, up to industry specifications and in compliance while saving you time and money.